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Introduce to UTC Wing Chun club

Nguyen Gia Wing Chun is a non-politic, non-profitable organization in the area of martial art and culture, aiming to propagate the techniques, philosophy of Wing Chun, Asia, Vietnam cultures as well to everyone.

Nguyen Gia Wing Chun has 2 clubs: Tayho wingchun club and UTC wingchun club.

UTC wingchun club is located at University of Transport and Communications (UTC).
Cau Giay Street No.3, P.Lang Thuong, Dong Da District, Ha Noi City.
Practicing schedule is at 18h every Monday and Friday.

Practicing system – Overview

Basic system:

+ Basic exercises

+ Siu Nim Tao form (the 1st form to train the basic Wing Chun techniques)

+ Stances: 7 stances and footwork

+ Force training, usually with a partner

+ Three supplementary exercises for the Siu Nim Tao form

Five animal system:

+ Combination of five animal form:

+ Tiger form

+ Leopard form

+ Dragon form

+ Snake form

+ Crane form

108 systems:

108 forms:

+ Solo training: standing, turning, moving

+ Partner training: force training, attach-counter attack training, sticky hand training, training with wooden dummy


+ Eyebrows pole

+ Double knives

+ Willow sword

Chi Kung system:

+ Still Chikung

+ Moving Chikung

Sticky hand system:

+ Relax techniques

+ Sticky-listening hand techniques

+ Exchange hand techniques

+ Searching for bridge techniques

Seven “reactions”: seven Wing Chun ways during combat

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